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The Executive package includes;

Standard or Construction, 360 Experience, Drone Photography and a drone 360 video is included which you can read more about in the budget and premium packages.

A drone custom video is added into this package and will fly high and low showcasing everything your project has to offer. Matched with excellent music to create an impact for each viewer. We've also added in this package 2 interactive materials to really push your advertising to a new height. Once the model home has been built, We really push the limits to wow your visitors. The 3D Virtual will render your entire home and create a walk-through for anyone online to explore. They can turn into any room they wish. Last but not least, we are throwing in sunset shots that are sure to impress and bring a spark to your project.

​ All photos taken will be automatically provided monthly on the client’s private cloud folder. A selective number of photos will be edited and color corrected. The client will have a personalized link and access to a cloud based folder which will be updated monthly. Downloads onto the client’s computer can be done directly from the cloud as and when needed. Clients can also easily share the cloud link to third parties for website company or printing purposes. 

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