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How We Work?

We provide photography for your listings at NO CHARGE to the listing agent/broker.

How do we do this?

(1) You get a new listing and need photos.

(2) You contact us with the properties address, availability dates, and further details to get into the property.

(3) We send you a contract that needs to be signed allowing us access to the property and agreeing to do business with Imaginations.

(4) We shoot all major rooms of the property such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, game rooms, pool decks. etc...

(5) We edit the photographs to look picture perfect for your marketing team or MLS.

(6) We send you all the edited photos for your team to download and use for marketing purposes.

(7) You sell the property and Imaginations gets paid as an "administrative fee" that's due at closing.

(8) Each property, no matter it's size, is only $399

Bottom line: You don't pay anything unless the property sells.

Restrictions; Imaginations owns the rights to the photographs and is only shared with the listing agency. This means the photographs may not be distributed to owners or any outside third party unless the property has sold and Imaginations has been paid. Violation of this policy will automatically charge the listing agency the $399 fee.

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