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The Budget package includes;

Construction or Standard Photography, this means we will photograph your project and points of interest around the development. The construction photos will be monthly to show the progress you've made at your project. These photos are usually taken from the start of the construction phase up to full construction and the actual development and building stages. Builders or developers often like to have updated photos to show the progress of their development to shareholders, investors or buyers. The Standard Photography is any points of interests such as a nearby your development such as supermarket, amenities, or any other buildings. Also, receive a 360 interactive panoramic photograph just like Google Street View to allow your visitors to explore in 360 degrees.

All photos taken will be automatically provided monthly on the client’s private cloud folder. A selective number of photos will be edited and color corrected. The client will have a personalized link and access to a cloud based folder which will be updated monthly. Downloads onto the client’s computer can be done directly from the cloud as and when needed. Clients can also easily share the cloud link to third parties for website company or printing purposes. 

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